there's a fire on one end and a sick fuck on the other...
oh m y GOD yes . teen!Seb protecting teen!Jim from bullies by beating them up. teen!Seb being the captain of his rugby team and he can't get enough of the sport and it's the first time he know that he's addicted to the adrenaline that comes from the violence. teen!Seb falling so hard for Jim that he doesn't know what to do with himself, except he can't stop thinking about him at all. we nE Ed to ta L K ABOUT THIS MORE


Teen!Seb being furious because that fucker Jim Moriarty won’t get out of his head
Teen!Seb cornering Jim, asking him what the fuck’s going on with the two of them
Teen!Jim being just angry, but he knows that just talking won’t solve their problem
Teen!Jim somewhat ‘comforting’ (in his own fucked up ways) Sebastian after a heavy fight with his father

sirivsly replied to your post “jana we need to talk ab out teen!jim and teen!seb they are so important to life omg”

teen!jim and teen!seb finally stopping using condoms because they trust each other and IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE AND THE INTIMACY. also teen!jim and teen!seb arguing on who gets to top when they get home a bit tipsy from a party.

teen!jim and teen!seb visiting a sex shop for the first time to find something new to play with!
teen!jim and teen!seb coming across some really awful porn videos on the internet whilst searching for something fitting to their interests
teen!jim using teen!seb’s ‘sexual’ pressure points against him. in the most inappropriate moments.

bashermoriarty replied to your post “jana we need to talk ab out teen!jim and teen!seb they are so important to life omg”

teen seb signing up for army without telling jim :) and teen seb leaving as soon as possible :) teen jim not showing up at the airport to say goodbye :)

sebastian writing letters, but doesn’t send one of them
sebastian having one of jim’s ridiculous glow in the dark stars in his pocket
sebastian hating jim for leaving him alone, although he’s the one who’s left

jana we need to talk ab out teen!jim and teen!seb they are so important to life omg

We need to talk more about:
Teen!jim and teen!seb slowly discovering their sexuality and what possibilities they have with each other!
Teen!jim and teen!seb facing the problems of AWKWARD SEX 
Teen!sebastian who’s not quite comfortable or familiar with his personal preferences yet, but slowly grows into absolutely loving it
There’s so much you can do with the both of them being teens, it’s incredible and so much fun!!
Why aren’t we talking more about it?

Your captions on teen!jim after seb were so cute uwu

Thank you! 

I think it’s more frustrating than cute, though.
The realisation that there are question’s bubbling up in his mind, thoughts and emotions he can’t quite understand or even begin to answer with the knowledge he has.